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Mountain View, California

Dennis Kobza & Associates, Inc. - Architect Firm


Dennis Kobza & Associates, Inc. is committed to innovation and conservation. With a newly installed DripCycle system, they are now supplementing their freshwater use with clean water produced from their building for landscaping irrigation

Los Angeles, California

Loyola Marymount University - Phase 1

Loyola Marymount University in 2015 completed its new 100,000+ sq. ft. LEED science building. With sustainability in mind, water generated from cooling their building is currently being used for surrounding landscaping

Los Angeles, California

Loyola Marymount University - Phase 2

Seaver Annex filled with classrooms and lecture halls, even with its older design has now been outfitted to generate and reuse its water for local landscaping.

Phoenix, Arizona

Black Canyon Center - Tower Investments

Black Canyon is a three story 97,450 sq. ft office building located in Phoenix Arizona. The building has been outfitted to generate and reuse its water from both condensate and rainwater for year-round conservation. Water collected is supplementing water used for building landscape.

San Diego, California

University of California San Diego

UCSD is collecting condensate from its department of Oceanography to be used for irrigation. Rather than condensate draining onto the beach it is being repurposed on site.  

Dominguez Hills, California

California State Dominguez Hills

CSUDH is collecting condensate from multipule buildings and being brought to their central plant to be used in their cooling tower. In result saving over 1.1 Million Gallons annually.  

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