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What Exactly is a DripCycle System?

DripCycle is a patented, plug and play water reuse system designed for commercial buildings. Our system captures condensate produced from air conditioning units along with rainwater, to be reused for landscaping, cooling towers and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a DripCycle System Work?

Once the water has been captured, our system's patented design quietly cleans, monitors, pressurizes, and holds the water safely until time of use.

What Makes us Different?

DripCycle is the first company and system of its kind. Our systems are compact, built to last and out of the box turn key ready. Our patented design and infusion technology allows our system to quickly clean the water organically without* the use of chemicals.

The End Result?

The end result for our customers is a hassle-free, efficient and sustainable method of saving serious amounts of water, money, and the environment.

Can DripCycle Save my Building Water?

Most likely! DripCycle can be integrated with almost all buildings, new or old. Our system is most effective with larger buildings that have HVAC / cooling systems. *We also require that landscaping uses drip irrigation to meet efficiency standards.*

What's the Payback Period?

The average payback period is 5 years or less. 

How Much Water Can I Save?

All projects vary based on location, building type/size and more. But DripCycle systems can save anywhere from 100,000 - 1 million gallons of water per building annually.

What Can I Use DripCycle Water for?

DripCycle water can be used for irrigation, cooling towers, toilet flushing, water features and more!

Can My Facilities Team Install Our System?

Absolutely! DripCycle is simple to install and generally onsite facilities team do the installation. If not, DripCycle can recommend 3rd party vendors in your area. DripCycle being only the manufacturer does not do any installations.  

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