Cal State Dominguez Hills Makes Waves with Condensate Capture, Saving 1 Million (+) Gallons of Water


Cal State Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in Partnership with DripCycle (A Silicon Valley Startup), will be saving 1,000,000(+) gallons of water per year with their new condensate recovery plan. Scheduled for Q4, CSUDH will be implementing DripCycle's technology to capture 1 Million + gallons of condensate from campus air handlers to be used in their cooling towers. These savings will allow for a massive reduction in freshwater use resulting in an innovative, sustainable and cost effective way to conserve water.

CSUDH has a long track record of innovation and sustainability, from solar golf carts to sustainable innovation hubs, campus faculty and facilities are committed to creating a better future by leading through example. The system will serve as not only a conservation tool, but also an education experience. Students will be able to understand and learn about the value and process of capturing / reusing condensate.

With California's growing water demand and population CSUDH's is preparing students through education of real world solutions, to evolving environmental problems.

Talk about a Water WIN - WIN!

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