5 Tangible Benefits of a Condensate Reuse System

1. Water Conservation Reducing the amount of freshwater used on your property is an essential part of conservation. With buildings on average producing 200,000+ gallons, implementing a condensate reuse system can make this a no effort practice.

2. Monetary Gain One of the greatest benefits with condensate is that your building produces water as a simple by-product. After a 3-5 year payback period, you can reap the financial benefits of having your system pay you and generating water for FREE.

3. Sustainability

In a world going green, it's not too late to leave your mark. Besides an increase in LEED points, your implementation of a condensate reuse system paves the way for a sustainable future and allows a sustainable source of water for decades to come.

4. Enhanced Company Image

Brand image is essential to ensuring continued business and customer satisfaction. Sustainability practices enhance public recognition and competitive advantage. Simply put, consumers are willing to pay a higher price for green brands, therefore, green branding enhances brand equity.

5. Increase Property Value As a building owner, studies have shown, tenants are more inclined to rent space with the peace of mind that it's a green building. By creating a green property, you are not only decreasing your utility bill, but increasing revenue and tenant retention.

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